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  • Accounting & Book Keeping
  • Income & Sales Tax
  • Financial Advisory
  • Internal audit & risk management
  • Corporate secretarial services
Accounting & Book Keeping

The Firm is uniquely qualified to serve the statutory needs of both national and international clients, and reports on the financial statements of public and private corporations in accordance with the laws of the country and in accordance with the generally accepted auditing and accounting principles.

Income & Sales Tax

The Firm handles all tax law and company law matters of clients and renders the following services:

  • Obtaining NTN and Sales-tax registrations;
  • Filing of periodical returns for withholding tax and sales tax;
  • Maintenance of mandatory sales-tax records;
  • Obtaining clarifications from regulatory authorities;
  • Obtaining exemption and lower rate certificates
  • Preparation and submission of various income tax, wealth tax and sales tax returns.
  • Finalization of income tax, wealth tax and sales tax assessments.
  • Representation before the Appellate Authorities for appeal matters.
  • Income and Sales Tax audits on behalf of the client
Financial Advisory

Few prominent services, among the wide range of our offerings, under this grid include:

  • Financial feasibility studies & investigations;
  • Studies for strategic evolution for improvement in profitability and cost reduction and improving operational efficiencies;
  • Financial analysis,;
  • Rendering professional advice and opinion on accounting standards and corporate accounting practices;
  • Conducting business process and control analysis studies, detection of suspected fraud, credit worthiness evaluation;
  • Physical verification of fixed assets, inventories and investments;
  • Compiling operational and accounting Manuals (SOPs); and
  • Advisory services on employees’ benefit plans and registrations thereof, etc.
Internal Audit & Risk Management

We help to ensure a steady course towards sustained profitability, the attainment of goals and achievement of the organization’s mission. With a sound internal audit function, an organization can successfully promote efficiency, reduce the risk of asset loss, ensure the reliability of financial statements, and comply with regulations.

Increasing level of competition and stringent regulatory requirements has created new challenges to the sustainability of value. We assist you to operate more effectively by setting up a series of holistic processes that enhance organizational capabilities through risk assessment and a proper risk management design.

Our professionals have a solid track record of aiding business owners evaluate and create value for their businesses.

Corporate Secretarial Services
  • Incorporation of companies and matters incidental thereto;
  • Permissions and registrations with regulatory authorities and trade bodies;
  • Formation of mutual funds and modaraba;
  • Assistance in secretarial practices and corporate, statutory and regulatory compliance;
  • Rendering professional advise on statute and problem solving;
  • Conversion of private into public companies, or vice-versa;
  • Public listing and floatation of shares and securities;
  • Corporate structuring and re-structuring;
  • Acquisitions and mergers;
  • De-listing of shares & securities;
  • Liquidations (Winding-up);
  • Formation & registrations of partnerships, partners’ inductions, retirements, liquidations and ancillary registrations/ de-registrations;
  • Drafting and registration of commercial, trade and shareholders agreements;
  • Reviewing and commenting on commercial deeds and agreements;
  • Documentations and registrations for real estate acquisitions, transfers, gifts and disposals, etc.